When I was very young I remember my grandmother's words, "when you grow up you will become an artist, and when you die we'll be rich!" This vivid memory coloured the decision to choose design over sculpture and painting, which had been my passion up until the moment it came to choose a viable career path.

As a designer I was recognized very early as a talent and was recruited to work in California where I discovered the films of Charles Eames and Stanley Krubrick. The mind of a designer crafting time and space delivered me into broadcast design, where I found a passion for simplicity and direction. My love of film making grew stronger as more opportunities presented themselves, a style emerged which is a blend of idea, style and performance.
So in short I am a commercial film maker that brings together performance, narrative and a strong visual style that is coloured by a heritage in art and design. For ease of use some may want to pigeon hole me in the visual genre and thats fine, but my intention remains true, which is to bring an engaging mind to everything I do.